Remember Me

Remember Me


I do not wish to live
To live amongst the majority
I wish to stand against the crowd
And leave a mark in history
A mark
However small
That will stand for all that’s left in me
Long after the hands have fallen still
I want you all to remember me
Remember me as I stood
As I stood for much more than me
I stood in hope
Rooted in dreams
Like the Legends before me
Legends who wielded a sword
Dulled, but braved their story
Who stood up for what they believed
And like them
I hope you remember me
Remember me as I speak
As I speak for those who cannot breathe
Remember me as I stand
As I stand for those who’ve fallen weak
Remember me for my mind
For my mind thought of more than me
And remember me for my words
For my words bled of poetry
Poetry that twisted the mind
To view the world through a set of eyes
Untainted by the painted lies
That also transcend through history
So remember me as I am
As I am but only me
No more, no less
Just simply me
Though some would say it was my nature
Borderline my destiny
To transcend well beyond the mind
And become much more than just a memory

Venice Renee-Lynn Hughes

Personal Anthem and ultimate goal in life.

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