Why I Do What I Do

The Reason is My Mission

The reason I write is simple really;  I aim to reach out and touch someone with my words.  I don’t really write solely for me, but for the little boy down the street, the mother bearing her first child , the father stuck in traffic, everyone.  I don’t just write about my experiences, but those I witness around me.  I would be complete to know that my words provided comfort, a sense of release, or a smile on a rather stressful day to even just 1 person in life.  I write, so They know they are not alone; someone actually understands.

My Inspiration

Ever hear a song that totally captures what you are feeling at that very moment?  Just spells out your feelings with every lyric, each strum of the guitar, and the vibration of the steady drum beat?  Oh yeah, you bet i have.  Live, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins, etc etc.  Their work always comforted me, and every time I threw them on I wanted to write, or sing, whatever.  Words can do wonders to a persons mind and spirit and I witness it every time I push play.


I love it.  It was sort of an unexpected hobby I developed in high school when I was forced to take a photography class.  That was all it took.   I love  still life, architecture, landscapes, abstract, and am trying to get into people photography.  Black and white is my all time favorite.  I am transitioning into digital now, but once I receive the funds to create a proper darkroom, wet photography is where i’ll stay.

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