Who Am I?

Just a young Artist with a lot to say.  This blog will hold my thoughts and works that I been longing to share.  I have a goal in life to leave a mark, a very memorable mark, on this world and feel I am on the right track to do so.  Follow me on my journey, it’s sure to be a memorable one 🙂

Just to tap into a little bit of who I am;  I am a gamer, a writer, lyricist, poet, photographer, and much more.  I used to draw like crazy, but photography pretty much took over that.   One could say I am also a serious opportunist really.  I am just me, and strive to be all I can be.  “Why focus on one thing when I was blessed with many talents?”, that’s my motto, and live by it to the fullest.    I am currently working on a BBA in Technical Management with Concentration in Criminal Justice, sure to be a fun ride there.  I aspire to do and see a lot.  Some people believe I dream too big, bit I feel that there is no dream too big to cling too as long as you have the will to chase it.  Don’t you agree?

11 comments on “Who Am I?

  1. Hey there! Thanks for liking one of my posts. Anyway, I can relate to this post especially the part when you say that people think that you dream too big, well who knows someday you can be bigger than the dreams you have, right? Again, thanks. and oh, I am now following your blog! 🙂

    • haha hey there! Thanks a lot. I do agree that one day you can be bigger than the dream, and what a feeling that would be ya know? Loved your post too btw 🙂

  2. Lady V thank your for visiting my blog and post, I shall visit your page often. I definitely agree “No Dream is to Big” the only person who truly stops the fulfillment of dream is ourselves. Keep Dreaming.

  3. Dream big and be all you can be…..no-one else can be you or deliver your piece of the universal puzzle! Thanks for liking one of my poems….I appreciate that you took the time to read me! I shall check out what you have to say too…. : )

  4. Just looking at your bio tells me that we have a lot in common, from talents to dreams, etc. I wish to leave my mark on the world as well. 🙂

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