The Bucket List

If nothing else, life has taught me that anything’s possible

1. Fly a plane
2. Become an expert marksman (woman!)
3. Visit and explore the Grand Canyon
4. Do a show like “Into the Wild”
5. Learn to Snowboard
6. Do photography for National Geographic
7. Become a published author
8. Become a distinguished Poet (published)
9. Write music for a well-known artist/band
10. Go Skydiving
11. Participate, and finish, a Muddy Rudder
12. Break a Guinness World Record
13. Photograph an Aurora
14. Visit Pompeii
15. Visit Easter Island
16. Visit England
17. Get a tattoo (Don’t judge me)
18. Meet Ellen Degeneres
19. Get a Master’s Degree
20. Take a picture with a President
21. Experience 0 gravity
22. Establish the “Second Chance Safe Haven”
23. Write something that changes someone’s life
24. Catch a killer
25. Make a very big crime bust
26. Meet Eminem
27. Meet Linkin Park
28. Build/completely restore an old school car/motorcycle
29. Join a Rock Band
30. Become a 1 hit wonder (at least)
31. Own a business
32. Have a well-defined 6 pack (Janet Jackson Status!)
33. Be fluent in a second Language
34. Be paid or make a living off a hobby (writing, photography, gaming, music, etc)
35. Attend a Superbowl
36. Visit the 7 wonders of the Ancient World
37. Go surfing (Should probably learn to swim first haha)
38. Parkour (enough said)
39. Finish my penny collection (one book done!)
40. Buy my mom a house (or vacation home, whichever)
41. Visit all 50 States
42. See/help my little brother accomplish his biggest dream
43. Get over 1000 followers on my blog
44. Go Parasailing
45. Photograph a volcanic eruption
46. Go on a serious road trip with friends and videotape it (documentary anyone?)
47. Learn to play guitar (I will master this dang it)
48. Become a Known Photographer
49. Visit the New Seven Wonders of the world
50. Go to Venice Italy and get my mom to come with
51. Got to Rome
52. Visit a Ghost Town
53. Spend the night in a haunted location
54. Meet The Fray
55. Meet Ed Kowalczyk (An inspiration omg)
56. Write a song with Ed Kowalczyk (I absolutely loved Live)
57. Photograph and pet a wolf
58. Visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC
59. Visit all the monuments in Washington DC
60. Tour the White House
61. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
62. Go on a Liquid Diet for a month
63. Go to Hawaii
64. Have a house built
65. Pay cash for a brand new car
66. Go to a rock concert
67. Go to France
68. Get over 1000 views on a YouTube Video
69. Perform one of my songs (live or video)
70. Participate in a Spoken Word event
71. Perform on a stage in front of a 50+ crowd

Feel free to leave helpful tips to get some of this done.  Help is something I am not afraid to ask for haha.

Whatcha Think?

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