2 comments on “Remember When : September 11

  1. Very well written… I enjoyed the layout. Did you live in/near NYC? Because, somehow despite knowing people who passed in it, despite having grown up close to NYC… despite what people say they felt… I somehow don’t get emotional about it… I didn’t even when I first heard, I kind of thought, hmmm I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner…when it comes around I’m always reminded to feel a bit guilty for never having felt sad, upset, angry, or even surprised…

    • Thank you! And no, I was a week away from my 13th bday in AZ. Didnt know anyone who passed either. But I guess seeing everyone so down and people who never cry breakdown, it deeply saddened me. It got real. I know some people who are in your boat too, and I see nothing wrong with it. I am glad you enjoyed my piece!

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