6 comments on “A Simple Plea

  1. I think no statement could be truer then the one you made in that haiku. I am not familiar with poetry, but you make me wanna look into it. I usually only write like what I call free verse. But what a thing to mold feelings and words into styles.

    • Heyyy I was in the same boat as you for a long time. It was all about free verse, abab rhym, or haikus growing up. But then I had to take an AP exam that made me read and evaluate a poem like my freshman year in high school. The poem was by WA Auden, and i was overly inspired to broaden my art. Villanelles were the first, then it just progressed from there. It forces you to dig deeper into what you are trying to say. You should try it, glad I helped spark an interest you have no idea how much your words mean.

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